Thanksgiving Wonder Sandwich

Mmmm, Thanksgiving. Mmmm, Thanksgiving leftovers. Today’s creation is what we started calling the Thanksgiving Wonder Sandwich because it is truly a wonder. Biscuit, green bean casserole, turkey, cranberry sauce, fried egg, all topped with gravy. It doesn’t get much easier and delicious than that. So be thankful, dig in and enjoy!

IMG_9029 (1)

Green bean casserole leftovers
Turkey leftovers
Cranberry sauce leftovers
Fried egg


  1. Reheat green beans, turkey and gravy. Set aside.
  2. Toast biscuit.
  3. Fry egg.
  4. Starting on the bottom half of the biscuit, layer: green beans, turkey, cranberry’s, fried egg. Top with gravy and top biscuit half.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Barbara says:

    This is great for my diet. I feel so full just looking at it I don’t have to eat!

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