Brie with Honey

Brie makes a great addition to any party spread. It’s a creamy crowd pleaser with lots of flavor (it’s most flavorful when at room temperature or warmed in the oven), it’s easy prepare and hard to mess up. Although sometimes, plain brie is not enough. You need to add some spark, some new flavor profiles, sweetness, tangyness, something! When I was at Whole Foods the other day, I stopped at a cheese sample (naturally); they were sampling this exact combination and it was just so good and seemed so simple to put together. I served this at our holiday party and by the end of the night only the crumbs from the crackers that stuck to the honey on the cheese board were left. While the holidays are behind us, I’m sure there are many parties ahead where this will be a super easy and delicious contribution.


Source: Whole Foods cheese department
1 round of brie
1 bottle of honey (amount used may vary)


  1. While brie is cold, cut in half. Place bottom half on serving tray. Generously drizzle honey over brie
  2. Replace top half of brie. Drizzle more honey on top. Garnsih with rosemary or other green herb. Let sit for an hour or more before serving.



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