Lentil Goat Cheese Bruschetta Dip

Remember that time back in March, a few days after we brought Max home, I wrote in this space that I thought I had time to work on a few side projects while on maternity leave? Welllll…… if my lack of posting on this blog in the last two months is any indication, almost none of them happened! You’re probably not surprised. Since then I got into a new groove on maternity leave and those side projects became less and less important as Max grew each day. He’s now smiling, holding his head up a little and being plain adorable.

As for cooking…I was making dinner but now we’re signed up for ‘Family Dinner’s’ from Foster’s Market in Durham. We get five nights of delicious prepared dinners, plus bread, salad and dessert for $100. It’s an amazing deal that to me, is worth triple that! When I was making dinner after Max came home, by the time I’d gone to the store, made dinner, James cleaned, and got Max ready for bed, we were like passing ships in the night. This allows us to spend more time together.


When I do cook, I look for easy recipes. This one is so easy I feel guilty even posting it. I hosted a mom’s group at my house (five moms, seven babies — including a set of twins — SO adorable) and wanted to have a delicious spread. This dip is so simple, refreshing and satisfying. I don’t know who thought to combine these ingredients but it’s a winning combo. All it takes are these three containers pictured below, stirred together and served cold. Voila!


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  1. Lea says:

    This was so good! Thanks for posting the recipe – can’t wait to make it!

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