2014 Here I Come!

It seems as though I took an unintentional two-month hiatus. At the end of November we moved and then the holidays hit and we didn’t have an oven (which is getting replaced next week). All that to say, I’m back! The next few months will be equally busy as work kicks back into full gear and I prepare for maternity leave — which might include another, more intentional, hiatus. However, I do love this blog and want to keep it going even if it’s posting once a week.

As I look back onto 2013, my favorite month was July and these were my five favorite recipes from this year:

  1. S’more brownies – These are melt-in-your-mouth-eat-the-whole-pan-in-two-days type of dessert. I’m not making up that last part either. A friend of mine said she made them and promptly ate them all within a couple days.
    smore brownies
  2. Pear Cake – I had never thought to grate pears into a cake (as opposed to just chopping or dicing and folding them in), but I feel like I made a New World sort of discovery. The grated pear in this cake helps make it moist and flavorful throughout.
    pear cake
  3. Grilled Tofu Kale Salad – It’s not often you describe a salad as addicting. However,  I had this salad for the first time on a trip to the Canyon Ranch Resort in Miami and ate it multiple times in three days I was there. Then I couldn’t wait to recreate it when I got home. It’s delicious and healthy – what more could you ask for in the New Year?thai kale salad
  4. Moroccan Braised Lentils + Lamb Meatballs – This was another dish I recreated after my trip to Miami. You can leave the meatballs out and just enjoy the braised lentils over quinoa and you still have a winning entree. Especially since we’re still in the middle of winter, this is a great homey dish.
    braised lentils
  5. Fig, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Challah – I rarely stray from my traditional (and beloved by all) challah recipe. However, this challah is equally awesome. I now trade off between this and the original depending on my mood that week. All challah’s are time intensive and (most) all of them are worth the effort.
    fig olive oil and sea salt challah

Happy 2014!

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