Fig Tomato Arugula Salad


Two weeks ago we spent the week at the beach. This past week we spent the week at my parents because construction unexpectedly began in our house after some other unexpected flooding two months ago. We finally “moved back in,” as it were, to our place tonight and it felt so good to be home. One way I’ve noticed that I welcome ourselves home, after being gone for a while, is by cooking. It makes me feel settled to have a fridge and pantry full of food for the week. This afternoon I made two different salads to have for lunches throughout the week as well as these raw cookie dough bites.

fig tomato arugula salad

This is one of the two salads I made: a fig, tomato and arugula salad with almonds. You could also add some avocado, feta or shaved parmesan. You can prepare this advance and add the dressing when you’re ready to eat! The other dish I put together was a lentil, kale and quinoa salad (similar to this recipe but added kale and used yellow lentils).

Sometimes I feel that posting a green salad on a food blog is like cheating. It seems so easy! so few ingredients! Only one direction! And yet, I’ve also chatted with folks about how to spice up their lunches or create a salad beyond tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. So hopefully this isn’t a cop out but “saladspiration”!

Source: Me!

4 fresh figs, sliced
handful of cherry tomatoes quartered
slivered almonds
other options: chopped avocado, feta, shaved parmesan

1. Put all desired ingredients in a bowl and add dressing when ready to serve!


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