A Critique of The Independent Weekly’s Pizza Review

Allow me to let off some steam. The Independent Weekly, recently rated and graded several pizza joints in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Pittsboro and Cary. I like the Indy and read it almost every week. They’re a great source of information on politics, food, music, and life in the Triangle region. So I don’t want to get all saucy, but their rankings were more surprising than a Chicago-style pizza without cheese.

I’d like to respond to a few of their ratings that left me with a bad taste. Note that my reactions are limited to the ones I’ve eaten at.

bella monica raleigh
Don’t judge a calzone but its crust. Bella Monica is delish. (Photo Courtesy: bellamonica.com)

Bella Monica: (Indy Score: 5.5 – Voila: Disagree) I have been going to Bella Monica for 10+ years and only once in all that time have I had a bad culinary experience there. Next time try their gluten-free garlic bread and/or the Bella.
Klausie’s: (Indy Score: 8 – Voila: Agree) I actually agree with this one. I like Klausie’s.
Moonlight: (Indy Score: 7.8 – Voila: Somewhat disagree) Their basics are fine, but the reviews gives too much praise for simply offering a variety of toppings.
Capital Creations: (Indy Score: 5.1 – Voila: Disagree) Yes the pizza might be a little pricey, but my family has ordered from them for years and the Wintergarten and Pesky Chicken never disappoint.
Enzo’s: (Indy Score: 8.4 – Voila: Disagree!) How this beat any number of the places listed is beyond me. Two or three steps above Domino’s. That is all.
Pie Pushers: (Indy Score: 7.4 – Voila: Agree) A sure crowd pleaser, I agree with this as well.

We’re all entitled to our opinion and we all have different tastes! I just wanted to express an alternative “pie-spective.”

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