Antipasto Caesar Salad

Over the course of a recent weekend, I felt like I ate a lot of carbs (pizza, bagels, sandwiches). I just can’t eat the same amount I used to – I’m getting old. I’m not gluten free, but I’ve noticed I reach carb overload a lot sooner! To counteract the carb-bomb feeling, I adapted a super easy salad recipe from my mom by adding some antipasto flavors with a light coating of Ken’s ceasar dressing. It was delicious and definitely going on the regular dinner or lunch rotation list.

Source: Adapted from my mom!
Note: These are approximate measurements.
A container mixed greens (I used the “super greens” mix from Whole Foods)
1/4 cup Whole Foods (or other brand) multigrain tabouli
1/4-1/3 cup sundried tomatoes, chopped
1/4 cup kalamata olives, chopped
1/3 cup marinated giant white beans (found in the olive bar)
1/4 cup roasted red pepper, chopped
1/8-1/4 cup light ceasar dressing

1. Mix everything in a salad bowl. Add dressing a little at a time. These toppings have natural juices so you don’t need too much dressing.


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  1. Fantastic..thanks for the shout-out!!

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