Local Eats Report Card (Video!): Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, Q-Shack, KoKyu


Tweet-size reviews of Durham restaurants.

Quick story: when I was leaving Dame’s, the brother of the owner and I had a quick convo. that went like this:

Him: Did you have a good meal?
Me: It was delicious! We just moved here
Him: Do we have a fan?
Me: Yes!
Him: Do you blog?
Me (startled at the coincidental randomness of this question, but super excited): Yes! I’ll write about you!

(hand-shake and scene)

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles: sweet potato waffle, fried chicken, maple/pecan butter shmear, delish mac&cheese. always a wait & now i know why. i’d wait rain or shine. (Grade: A)

The Original Q Shack (in Durham. Alert: this is a NC chain): haven’t tried other BBQ places yet, but this place is rockin’. Great calorie-per-dollar ratio. Smoked turkey, brisket & hush puppies. Mmm. (Grade: A-)

KoKyu: get the bbq sliders! ‘unreal’ chicken is an adjective. didn’t realize that, but still good.  duck fat tater tots are unreal (as in amazing). (Grade: A)

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