Local Eats Report Card: Whiskey, Tyler’s, Amelia’s

We just moved to Durham, North Carolina and have already begun scouting out local restaurants, pubs, cafe’s and bars.

Like this move, it’s time for something new. Instead of only posting recipes in this space, I’m going to toss in local food reviews as well, called the Local Eats Report Card.

I don’t like long, drawn out restaurant reviews. Instead, the reviews will be no longer than a Tweet. So, here we go!

Whiskey: amazing ambiance & extensive whiskey menu; champagne served in old timey champagne glasses; bar tender looks like a 1920’s accountant. (Grade: A)

Tyler’s: (+): outdoor seating, near Bulls stadium. didn’t drink but apparently has good beer; (-): food was very bland. would not go back for food. (Grade: C)

Amelia’s: chocolate mousse & cheesecake: rich & delicious. cheesecake should’ve been served at room temp. happy server. looking forward to the crepes. (Grade: B)

American Tobacco District
American Tobacco District. Near Tyler's. Photo by James.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Shayne says:

    Check out Carpe Durham for lots of great info on local restaurants. http://carpedurham.com/

    Welcome to Durham!

    1. Emily says:

      Shayne – Thanks, we’re loving it so far and look forward to exploring more!

  2. jeremy says:

    Great reviews! Maybe I’ll create the whiskey blog on wordpress

    1. Emily says:

      Yeah! I love wordpress…super easy to use! looking forward to your whiskey/music blog!

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