Eating in Seattle + Vancouver


We just returned from an amazing week in Seattle and Vancouver. We walked the streets, up the hills, around the neighborhoods and into many, many restaurants. I ate salmon and drank coffee every day. We went for local wines and fresh food. It. Was. Delicious. Here’s a snapshot sampling of our food adventures:

seatown snackbar
At Seatown Snack Bar in Pike Place Market, Seattle. You have 5 types of smoked fish and fresh oysters from a bay nearby.

apple cinnamon roll
The humongous apple cinnamon roll from the Russian bakery Piroshky Piroshky, also in Pike Place Market, Seattle.

Espresso, flowers and our number block as we wait to split arugula and spinach lasagna at Oddfellows in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

bang bang cafe
James eats a monstrous, veggie-packed breakfast burrito at Bang Bang Cafe in Belltown, Seattle.

This isn’t the best photo of me or the food, but the Bibimbap (at Shilla Korean BBQ in the Uwajimaya Asian grocery in the International District, Seattle) was amazing.

water street cafe
Seafood at Water Street Cafe in the Gastown District, Vancouver

3 Comments Add yours

  1. love all the photos…and before I read the comment below the one of you eating bibimbap, I thought “what a darling picture of Emily’

    1. Emily says:

      Thanks mom 🙂

  2. Heather says:

    Wow. That Belltown breakfast looks amazing.

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