Pittsburgh Culinary Experience


After a weekend in Pittsburgh I have a list of the great – and the worst – gastronomical experiences to share with you. First, you may be asking ‘Pittsburgh has a restaurant scene?’ Indeed, they do! Not only restaurants, but the revitalized industrial city has great, funky neighborhoods. We of course devoured huge sandwiches at the infamous Primanti Brothers, but also savored delicious crepes, ravioli, milkshakes and coffee.

biggest big mac
Our first stop was actually at the Big Mac Museum (yes, it exists).It not only holds the world’s largest big mac, but a full exhibit featuring the creator of the most famous sandwich on earth. Factoid: 45,000,000 big macs are sold worldwide every month. Ew.

olive oil vinegar heart
James made a heart out of vinegar at Girasole in Shadyside. Is there a deeper meaning behind making hearts out of two opposing substances? I hope not. This place also had amazing ravioli.

the o hot dog
A night out in Pittsburgh isn’t the same without a late night hot dog at the Original Hot Dog shop right near University of Pittsburgh. James bites into lots of hot dog goodness.

penzeys spices
The Strip District is home to Fortune’s Coffee Roasters, Cafe Raymond, La Prima Espresso, great ethnic markets and Penzey’s Spices. This is a spice shop has it all. We walked away with ‘Green Goddess’ and ‘Chili 3000.’ There are of course hundreds more we would’ve been happy to pack away.

primanti brothers
Pittsburghians loves their fries, especially on the famous Primanti Brother sandwiches. The sandwiches are a mile high, should be split with other people and savored til the last bite. You can’t visit Pittsburgh without biting into one of these.

hoi polloi
A lot of Pittsburgh looks like this. Down the street from here, in the Mexican War Streets district, we went to a coffee shop called Hoi Polloi. The entire neighborhood was deserted. James said the coffee shop would be a great place for a Steven King novel.

Slurping down milkshakes at the Milkshake Factory was a great way to to celebrate our last night in Pittsburgh. I personally got chocolate covered graham crackers, which were also delicious. In addition to their amazing milkshakes, the store sells amazing chocolate. Check it out.

At this point you may be asking, ‘But Emily, you said there were some bad culinary experiences?’ And to that I say, read James’ review on Yelp of the Grandview Saloon. Here’s a preview “The Grandview Saloon was one of the worst culinary experiences of my life. I would rather lick the grease off the tracks of the Duquesne Incline next door than suffer through another meal here again.”

Following that disaster, we feasted on some delicious pizza at the Blue Grotto in southside, followed by those previously mentioned delicious milkshakes.

That’s a wrap!

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  1. jeremy lev says:

    great post!

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