Passover 2010


Passover ties for my favorite holiday. Rosh Hashanah shares the top spot, but for different reasons. For those wondering, Thanksgiving is second. I love Rosh Hashanah because that’s where I reflect most on the past year and look ahead to the adventures ahead. I look forward to Passover every year because with it brings a delicious, leisurely meal, family, and a great discussion about how/if the story applies to our lives today.

One of my favorite memories of Passover is helping my mom make the charoset. Charoset is made with peanuts (or walnuts, pistachios, pecans), a variety of dried fruit, apples, sweet red wine and cinnamon. It’s supposed to symbolize the mortar that Jews used to build Pharaoh’s buildings. Now, back to the memory: to make the charoset, we would put the peanuts (or other buts) in a ziploc bag, place it on the floor and hammer the nuts until they were all broken up. We didn’t want crumbs, but chunks. To this day, I pour my peanuts into a bag and hammer away.

Passover Seder, ’10

  • Welcome drink: Sangria
  • Soup: Matzo Ball Soup (Matzo balls with parsley and chives)
  • Seder Plate: Horseradish, Charosis, Parsley, Shank bone, Hard boiled eggs
  • Dinner: Salmon with leeks in parchment paper. Potato gratin with goat cheese. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Dessert: Kotecki Krunch, plain and chocolate dipped Macaroons, fresh fruit, Lavender Honey Cheesecake with a Macaroon crust. Tea, coffee.

Other Passover goodies:

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  1. everyfoodfits says:

    Passover is my favorite, too. The ritual with the same books my family has been using since the mid-20th century is my favorite part of the seder. The food could be better, but your recipes look great! Especially the muffins. I’ll have to try those this week.

    We just posted a squash souffle that’s kosher for Pesach on our blog, give it a try.’s-not-pumpkin-pie-it’s-squash-souffle/

    Thanks for sharing these recipes and chag sameach!

  2. Thanks for sharing these recipes and chag sameach!

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