Brunch Rating

Every month, or two or three or four depending on everyone’s schedule, James and I get together with some very dear friends for brunch. The six of us try to explore different places in the city — especially ones that take reservations. So far we’ve gone to Belga Cafe, Tabaq, Founding Farmer’s and Logan Tavern. It wasn’t until this past get together where I asked everyone to rate it so I can post it here. Keep in mind this is not a scientific rating. The score is based on six fabulous people who enjoy really good food. Since this just started this weekend, we’ll start fresh with our most recent meal: Logan Tavern.

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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  1. Here’s how I explained my rating, which was in fact 3.5-4:

    A 5 would be a once-every-few years, blow-me-out-of-the-water experience. The bread pudding style french toast at Bouchon in late 2007 was definitely in this category, and I haven’t had a 5 since.

    A 4 would be a place I would highly recommend to a friend. A 3 is a solid brunch with no mistakes but nothing incredible.

    Here’s my Logan rating breaks down:

    The french toast at Logan Tavern was truly addictive, although perhaps right on the border of being too sweet when I got down to the last few bites. No complaints about the bacon. The scrambled eggs were just ok. The fruit cup was average though suitable. The OJ was fresh and delicious.

    A now you know. I’m just trying to bring some scientific rigor to this whole process.

  2. Chris Chilton says:

    Had the green eggs at Belga the last time I was in DC. Duly impressed.

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