Greek Cooking Class

I had my first hands-on cooking class experience this weekend. I had gone to Williams and Sonoma’s technique classes and those are fun, but you’re really just watching someone else cook. At Kellari Taverna in D.C. we learned how to make lemon roasted potatoes, lamb benedict (!), french toast, spanikopita and sfugato (I think that’s what it’s called. It’s eggplant with marinara and an egg on top). Everything was delicious!

the table and the kitchen
the table where we ate and the kitchen where we learned

the prep work was done for us!
making spanikopita
making spanikopita!our group
the class with our chef and teacher, Ray

Everything was delicious and the people were fantastic! I met fellow local blogger Claudia of Brunch and the City and several other wonderful women who just jumped into conversation about the recent Pentagon shooting, traveling, work and politics. See how food brings people together?

I just love it. This was a great class and I believe they’re doing this type of cooking class and wine dinners again.

fish bar
in the restaurant, Kellari Taverna has fish on ice! Ray also gave me a tour of their fish freezer. Think big fish, small fish, red fish, blue fish.

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  1. julia freifeld says:

    I love the Dr Suess reference!! so funny!!! great pictures, great story!

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