Voila! Welcomes a D.C. Foodie

Today is a big day for Voila! Before I give you the news, here’s the back story:

I got an email from, I assume, a reader of the blog who just moved to D.C. To keep everything anonymous let’s call her Betty. Betty and her husband just moved to the U street/14th street area. Already my mind is filling up with ideas and recommendations. U St. is a fantastic place to get just about any type of food. It has a great atmosphere, plenty to choose from and on the metro (bonus!).

Here are my top three recommendations for that area (the list of where to go to in D.C. is endless).

Betty, listen up:

  • Tabaq – Excellent brunch. We’ve been there several times with friends and satisfied everytime. Even if you can’t see the Washington Monument from the rooftop seating, when the weather is nice it’s a great culinary and D.C. experience
  • Busboys and Poets – The original location! Neat book store; comfy places to set up a laptop and work; great carrot cake and falafels. I’ve been there a couple times and each experience is better than the last! Mainly because we try new items on the menu and are always impressed.
  • Crème Café – Amazing coconut cake. To be honest, we’ve never eaten a meal there. We went once for brunch, but the wait was too long so we opted for Tabaq!

As for a good bar tender…I can’t say we have one particular place we like to go for drinks. However, I did celebrate my birthday this year at Policy Bar and that was a lot of fun. We got there early so it wasn’t too crowded and we were able to snag a couch enclave. Although, I’ve heard great things about Cafe Saint Ex.

All you D.C. foodies, help a fellow reader out with your own suggestions in the comment section.

And Betty, Welcome to the District!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    One of my favorite D.C. restaurants is in the area–Marvin, good chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and moules frites. Next door to Marvin is the Gibson, which has really great drinks, although the dress code and mostly reservations required thing can be a bit of a pain. I also like Etete for Ethiopian food in that area. Eatonville, on the other hand, was a big bummer, but other people have said they liked it.

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