Cranberry Smoothie

It’s December but it’s never too cold for a smoothie. Ice cream too is best enjoyed, I think, while sitting inside when it is snowing or really cold. There’s something so cozy about it! So when I had these extra cranberries from Thanksgiving, it seemed so natural to pop ’em in the blender and start my day off right. Just a note of caution: the ratios of ingredients are all estimates. I usually just pore everything in blender and tweak it from there.

cranberry smoothie

Source: Me
1 1/2 cup frozen cranberries
1 cup nonfat yogurt (any flavor will do)
3/4 cup (approximately) apple cider
1-2 T. honey

1. Pour cider and yogurt in blender first. Then add cranberries and honey. Blend!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Of course, since you’re using frozen cranberries you COULD make it at warmer times of year (my preference). But it’s gorgeous. Thanks for the great idea as always, Deb………

  2. Emily says:

    Thanks Tinky! Have a great day!

  3. OOPS! I have no idea why I typed “Deb”; I know you’re Emily. Can one have a senior moment at 39 and holding? Sorry……….

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