Thanksgiving Check List

If you haven’t started thinking about what you’re doing to make for Thanksgiving…now would be a good time to start (wink, nudge: there’s less than a week to go!). You have the weekend to plan your meal, create a grocery list and spring into action. I haven’t gone as far as practicing serving the turkey like the woman does in the commercial, but James says I’m extremely close. Also, my in-laws are significantly nicer than those in the commercial who toss their bags at her!

In addition to some previously-written-about planning tips, here are some recipe ideas to get your menu started:

Rereading the list I just wrote, I should’ve clarified a little earlier: here are some dessert recipes with some other dishes thrown in to get your menu started.

To even out the options, here are links to recipes I’ve tried, loved, but haven’t posted on:

Now some of you may be asking, “Emily, you’re cooking for 10 people! What’s on your menu?” Who me? Oh well, yes I am very excited about my menu, take a look:

And Voila! If you have questions about any of these recipes or Thanksgiving planning, prepping, cooking, or anything else — email me!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Milly-K says:

    Thanks for the nod to nice in-laws, Emily! I love the part in that commercial where “Nancy” serves her husband the cardboard turkey leg! Can’t wait to try all your delicious recipes listed in your menu! I’m so lucky!!

  2. julia freifeld says:

    Love this post…Dad & I are sooo excited about this year’s Thanksgiving! And, the cardboard turkey leg reminded me of the cardboard shank bone I’ve used on occasion for Passover!
    XOXO, Mom

  3. Amanda says:

    I too loved that commerical!!!! Gosh your web site is so wonderful!!!! I recently moved into my 1st place. The kitchen is set up but our dinners are overly simple and needing some kick!!! I think your website is just the place to shop for a great new recipe to try!!! Thanks!!

  4. Emily says:

    Thanks Amanda! Hope you find the site pretty useful in adding some spice to your dinners. Let me know if you have any questions!

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