Chicago Pizza

Have you ever eaten the famous, deep dish, impossibly cheesy Chicago-style pizza? James and I just returned from a weekend in the Windy City and could not leave without a taste of their claim to fame. The three most well-known pizzeria’s in the city — Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s and Giordano’s — all serve up the specialty. We choose Giordano’s along Magnificent Mile. We ordered a 10-inch, six slice, half-veggie-half-ground-beef-and-garlic, pizza. As you can see below, it has an amazing amount of cheese. The pizza takes 35 minutes to cook and is layered, from the bottom: crust, cheese, toppings, cheese, cheese, marinara sauce. James’ post-dinner tweet says it all: “Ate pizza at Giordano’s. Be still my heart! No seriously, my heart just stopped.”

pizza at giorgano's
pizza at giorgano's

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  1. gillfoodie says:

    To the Point blog post. As a born and bred Chi I have love this and all things chicago. I work in a cafe and I wish more people in these tough economic times come out to restaurants in Chicago. Check out or and love your local joint.

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