Cooking for a Cause

Hi! Today I have no recipe for you, although I do have a message: tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET, chef Michael Cimarusti is competing on Bravo’s Top Chef Master’s.

Now this program usually has chef’s compete for their own personal glory, but tonight only the chef’s are also competing to raise money for the charity or organization of their choice.

Chef Michael chose the Grameen Foundation, a fantastic micro-financing non profit that helps the poor, primarily women and children, in countries such as Asia, Africa, all over the America’s and pretty much the world.

If Chef Michael wins this round, Grameen gets $10,000. If he wins the final round, they receive $100,00!

Grameen works like this: they create partnerships with organizations like the Red Cross, Google, micro-finance institutions and other anti-poverty organizations all over the world to provide micro-loans of $50 or $100 so a family can buy land for a farm or start a small business.

In addition to microfinance, Grameen and these organization also assist in providing health care, education and other services to the world’s poor – bonus!

Now it took me a few tries to understand the intricacies of how they work, so if you want to learn more it would probably be best to go to their website – and then donate to them.

If you end up missing the show, don’t worry because I plan on live twittering the show at VoilawithEmily — something I’ve never done before so we’ll see how that goes — to help root for Chef and for the Grameen Foundation.

So go grab some nosharu (Yiddish for snacks), watch the show and root for a good cause!

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