Cooking with Friends!

It’s one thing to cook for friends, but quite another to cook with friends.

I have such great memories of cooking with my mom, grandmother, my fiancee, friends and even old boyfriends! The cutest stories come out of the kitchen.

Earlier this week when my brother David, and his girlfriend Ally, stopped in D.C. for a couple days en route to New York. We made a tomato-gruyere tart with chicken caesar salad.

Enjoy the video and I encourage all of you to cook with friends and loved ones! It’s hands-down fantastic fun.

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  1. RN says:

    We want you to cook to cook with James. Maybe he can provide political commentary while helping you. That would be a great show. BTW, you make a great couple!

  2. july says:

    hey emily!
    nice video! looks gorgeous! 🙂 congratulation!
    I wish I had cheese here!! I miss it sooo much…
    your brother is a man now!! and a girlfriend is very cute! what a family of winners!
    (I like the accent when you pronouce VOILA or GRUYERE or CAMEMBERT! ahah!)
    a bientot roomy

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