Virginia Wine Country

One way to inaugurate this site is to write about a recent trip that James and I took to Virginia wine country. We’re not connoisseurs. But we do enjoy a good bottle of wine and appreciate the flavors and aromas as much as we can!

We drove out to Middleburg Va. which has several little wineries in the surrounding area. We went to Willowcroft Vineyard, Swedenburg Winery and Piedmont Vineyards and Winery.

I was surprised to find out that in our hour-away-backyard,there are tons of fabulous, local vineyards! Virginia wine country has a long history but it seems to have gained popularity in the last 30 years. They’re the fifth biggest wine producing state in the country and say that although North Carolina is first in flight, Virginia is first in wine!

the cabernet souvignon grapes at Willowcroft

James tasting white wine at Swedenburg

me at Swedenburg

Wine glass on the table at Piedmont vineyards.

Another reason we enjoyed this winery trip was we learned so much! As I said earlier, we’re not connoisseurs, but we hope to learn more about wine, the relationship it has with food and become somewhat saavy when it comes to looking at a wine list.

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