First Party


This evening James and I will host our first dinner party in our new apartment! Both our families are coming up for my graduation and what better way to kick of the weekend than to have a lively party at our place?!

A few weekends ago we had some friends over for a luncheon — but that was easy to put together: we had sandwiches, hoagies, chips, salsa, the usual light lunch fare. However, with about 15 people en route to our house for dinner in a matter of hours, I went into high-party-planning-mode.

Planning for a dinner party thoughts:

1. Except for fresh fruit and veggies, start buying food little by little several days before the event to make your life easier. I always enjoy these trips to the market because then the excitement builds all week!

2. For tonight’s dinner, we’re serving lasagna ( a great dish to feed lots of hungry people!). We made it last night so that in the final hours before the party, I can make desserts, James can clean the apartment and we can both focus on other, less labor intensive tasks.

3. All the while, planning a party should be fun!!!

I’m an expert on throwing parties at my house, I have a lot to learn. But, what I do know I’ve learned from my mom — not only can she cook, but she know how to entertain!

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