Mama’s Cookin’

My mom is the best cook, simply put.

All those cooking tips so far in the blog post (as of Feb. 26), I heard her say at one time or another. She can look at a sauce and by the texture, color or aroma tell what’s missing. She also gives it the ol’ fashion taste test.

Her homecooking is exactly that – homey, warm, soothing.

As a family growing up, we made a point to sit down for dinner together every night. There was joy around the food, laughter around the table and lovely memories of dinners at my house. It was a time to relax, take 30 minutes out of a busy homework night, and just enjoy.

Every year she happily makes the brisket at Hannukah and the turkey at Thanksgiving (28 people last year!).

She’s happy when she cooks and that’s what I learn from her. She taught me how to be flexible, imaginative and courageous – in the sense of..what the hell, just try it! – when it comes to cooking.

Especially now that I’m not just eating granola bars for dinner anymore, I call her about anything (and everything else) cooking related. How do I shred chicken? How do I make a stir fry? What’s your recipe for kasha varnishke’s (recipe to come) again?

She’s a whiz. And there’s a whole lot more I plan to learn.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. julia freifeld says:

    you are the dearest daughter, and an inspiration to me!!
    hugs & kisses, Mom

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