Cooking Tips

This will update regularly. Hopefully it will show up under recent posts each time that happens.

The purpose of this section is as I experience and learn – I want to share! So…here are some already accumulated cooking tips from past experiences and of course, my mom.

And if you have any you’d like to share, please send in a comment.

1. Keep the kitchen clean before, during and after the cooking process.

2. Timing is everything!

3. Do all the chopping and dicing beforehand so that you’re not chopping with a pot of boiling water about to spill over, a skillet that’s about to burn and rice that’s about to char.

4. Be patient!

5. Read the recipe all the way through before cooking, then you can get an idea of how each ingredient plays into the meal. From there, the creative juices come flowing forth.

6. Taste as you cook! How will you know what flavor spice or aroma is missing without it?

7. Put some music on and get in the groove.

8. Have Fun!!

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  1. nice article. thanks for sharing 🙂

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