About Emily

Hi folks! I’m Emily.

In Seattle Central Library

I work at the North Carolina Museum of Art and live in Raleigh with my husband, James, beautiful baby boy, Max, and cute little dog, Roo.

I started food blogging after reading washingtonpost.com’s food blog, A Mighty Appetite’s Valentines Day post. But you can also read my own interpretation of why I love to cook. .

Bottom line: Life is too short to eat mediocre food.

12 thoughts on “About Emily

  1. Emily!!!
    Before you move to N.C. to open up your dream cafe…could you give me a crash course on all things food? You are a pro!


  2. Please open it North of Strickland. Apparently all the “other” coffee houses don’t seem to think us folks up here drink coffee.

  3. Emily, i love your stuff! Suddenly Seattle’s feeling fall today, too – so veggie chili it is! Glad DC is cooling off, too.

    Sending love to you and James. Cheers,

  4. Hi Emily! I’m a 14 year old and I belong to Judea Reform; my mom forwarded me the link to your blog because she thought it was super cool (which it is). My blog is lenaslunchbox.wordpress.com if you’re interested!

  5. Hello Emily,
    I came across your poppyseed bread recipe on the internet. Anna (Butenas) Yesenofski is my Great-Great Grandmother. I inherited the recipe from my Great Aunt Helen and have been making this bread for years. I hope to hand it down to my children someday…

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